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UB Hydrogeology Distributed Temperature Sensor

The work in our lab focus primarily on issue relating to physical aspects of  groundwater flow.  Much of my work is conducted within wetland and riparian environments investigating controls on groundwater flow and groundwater/stream interactions.  I also have research interests in the impact of groundwater on plant communities in groundwater dependent ecosystems. 

Our group uses an array of tools to investigate groundwater flow systems.  Each research project is different, however, most include some combination of field work and numerical modeling.  We are also able to take advantage the geology departments  array of geophysical equipment to complement our work. 

Allequash Wetland

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Thinking of going to graduate school in hydrogeology?  We are always looking for motivated students interested in groundwater related issues. 

Are you an undergrad looking to do some summer research?  Check out our Summer REU Program.

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