Eruption! is a volcanic crisis simulation model. There are three different versions of it.

Version 2.74 is for use on individual computers, and is a less complex but extremely effective simulation with a concentration on the Volcanologist's role. There is only one village in this model, controlled by the user(s) operating the individual computer.

 Version 1.0 is an excellent version for use with multiple students working on a single computer. The screen can be toggled between the Governor, Volcanologists, and Villagers status screens, so that students can still play their different roles while cooperating on the same computer.

Version 4.0 is for use in Macintosh networked labs. In this version, each terminal on the network has a different role to play. The roles consist of volcanologists, villagers, press, and the governor. Each has different responsibilities, and all work together to predict the volcano's activity, evacuate or protect villages, feed the homeless, and minimize the loss of life and money spent during the crisis. There are many villages in this version, with each 'villagers' client in the network deciding the fate of a different village or group of villages. Prior to the simulation, students are led through a tutorial description of the game, and the roles different people play in a volcanic crisis. Three time scales can be chosen: a few minute model, a seven minute game, or a 50 minute class-length game.

Here are some ScreenShots from Eruption! v4.0 for Networked Labs:


Screen Shot1
Screen Shot2
The Eruption Main Screen
The Volcanologists' Screen
Screen Shot3
Screen Shot4
Icons on screen represent different village statuses
A tutorial explains different roles in the crisis

Here is a ScreenShot from Eruption! v2.74, for non-networked computers:
Eruption 2.74

How Do I Get It?
IMPORTANT! To Download, Option-Click on one of the "Get It" links below to save a copy of the module on your computer via our FTP site.

Get It! Download Eruption 4.0 for Macintosh or Power Macintosh networked computer labs. (6.6MB)
Get It! Download Eruption 1.0 for Macintosh or Power Macintosh computers. (2.3MB)
Get It! View the Teaching Assistant's Guide to Eruption 4.0 (Adobe Acrobat Format). (17K)
Get It! View the Student's Guide to Eruption 4.0 (Adobe Acrobat Format). (26K)
Get It! View the Basic Rules to Eruption 4.0 (Adobe Acrobat Format). (9K)
Get It! Download Eruption 2.74 ("Mad Dog's" Version) for Macintosh or Power Macintosh computers. (4.5MB)