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A Disclaimer of Sorts, or at Least a Caution

This is not an official UW-Green Bay site. Pages that refer to my military activities are not official U.S. Army pages. To relieve pressure on my campus server, parts of this site are housed on a server at another campus dedicated to archiving material of earth science interest.

Neither I nor the University of Wisconsin assume any liability for your use of the material presented here. This material is carefully prepared but errors are possible.

I am almost always happy to grant permission for use of my material. Almost everything on this site is my own. Just linking to my site is the equivalent of citing something in a bibliography, and in my view does not require permission.

One of the unexpected results of putting my class notes on line is that I have gotten requests from outsiders who hit my site while searching for all sorts of stuff. For example, I got a request for information on caliche (mentioned in the soils lecture in my Physical Geology course) and the Mongols (which I mention in a history of science and technology class).

I will be happy to respond to requests for information (except as noted below) within the limits of my other tasks and expertise. I research my facts as carefully, conscientiously and thoroughly as I can, but please be aware that no professor is an expert on every subject he touches upon in his classes. By virtue of temperament and the sort of university I teach at, I cover an unusually broad range of topics. However, my degree is in geology, and I should not be regarded or cited as an expert in areas far removed from that field.

One lesson learned from this experience is that many searchers are just looking for a toehold to get started. I am trying to document my pages as opportunity permits. Also, my University Survival Guide has a page on references that might prove useful. Finally, if you spot any errors or have some more modern information than I do, please let me know. Thanks for visiting.

Note to Students:

The Internet is not a substitute for library research and I will not assist searchers who try to use it that way. Sorry to sound unfriendly, but I am seeing a lot of requests for information that can easily be found in textbooks or libraries. When I get such a request, I will respond with advice to visit your local public or university library, with a few suggestions for where to begin searching. The vast majority of useful information is in print, not on the Web, and between copyright issues and the expense of creating and maintaining web sites, it will remain that way for a long time to come.

Failure to plan ahead on your part does not create an emergency on my part.

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