My interests lie in the broad field of Quaternary geology and global climate change. I study glacial settings to better understand ice sheet processes, glacial landscape evolution and past glacier fluctuations. I also study paleoenvironments recorded in Holocene and Pleistocene lake sediments to better understand paleoclimate which provides a template for modern global change. Current research includes:

• Ice sheet, glacier and paleoclimate history of Greenland.
• Ice sheet processes in fiord landscapes of Arctic Canada; applications of cosmogenic radionculdies.
• Lacustrine records of Holocene climate change from Arctic Canada; high resolution studies of the last 2000 years and reconstructing Neoglaciation.
• Cosmogenic exposure dating last glacial and penultimate moraines in Alaska.
• Neoglacial regrowth and current disappearance of the plateau ice caps of northern Baffin Island.

New York:
• Lacustrine records of Laurentide Ice Sheet retreat and Holocene climate change.
• Ice sheet erosion of New York.

Current Students