Teaching & Outreach

UB Organic and Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Lab

The OSIBL is a service center, and can do the following types of sample preparation and analyses:

compound-specific hydrogen and carbon isotopes
bulk organic matter carbon and nitrogen isotopes
H-2 and O-18 values of liquid water (from lakes, groundwater, precipitation, soil, leaves, etc.)
alkenone-inferred temperature
organic compound quantification
organic compound extraction and purification

The equipment and instruments in the OSIBL are designed for environmental and paleoclimate applications,
but we're open to working with many kinds of samples.

Feel free to get in touch (ekthomas at buffalo dot edu, 716.645.4329)
if you'd like to discuss running samples in the OSIBL.

The main instruments in the UB OSIBL:

Isotope Ratio Mass SpectrometerIRMS
Thermo Scientific Delta V+ with an EA, a Trace 1310 GC, GC Isolink, and Conflo IV.
For measuring stable hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen isotopes of organic material, including specific compounds.
We use these measurements to infer past changes in precipitation, aridity, plant community, and productivity.


Gas chromatographGCFID
Thermo Scientific GC 1310 with gemini autosamplers, two injectors and two flame ionization detectors.
This setup allows us to double our sample throughput. This instrument allows us to measure
organic compound concentrations.
We use these measurements to infer past productivity, generate temperature records, and prep samples
for analysis on the IRMS.


Cavity ringdown laser water isotope analyzerCRDS
Picarro 2130i cavity ringdown laser spectrometer with liquid autosampler, vaporizer, micro combustion
module, and induction module.
For measuring stable isotopes of liquid water and to extract and measure isotopes in-line from water from
soils, leaves, and other material.