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Researchers in the UB Biogeochemistry & Paleoclimate group
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Elizabeth Thomas
Assistant Professor
Organic & Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Lab Director
Paleoclimate Lab Co-Director
Geology Department




Owen Cowling
Organic & Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Lab Technician

MS, UB Geology, 2018: Deglacial temperature and precipitation history of coastal Norway and the Polar Ural Mountains, Russia




Allison Cluett
PhD Student
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
2018-2019 Schlanger Ocean Drilling Fellow

Holocene temperature and precipitation
history of western Greenland



Megan Corcoran
MS Student

Deuterium-excess as a tracer of moisture recycling in the Laurentian Great Lakes and as a tracer of past moisture source changes in the Arctic



Anissa Croft
MS Student

Ocean phytoplankton and oxygen changes during
the Late Ordovician mass extinction event



Devon Gorbey
PhD Student
University at Buffalo Presidential Fellow

Interglacial hydroclimate variability along a latitudinal transect, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada




Amy Grogan
MS Student

Holocene precipitation seasonality reconstructed using lake sediments in southwestern Greenland


Sofia Kjellman
PhD Student, UiT the Arctic University of Norway and the University Centre in Svalbard
Visiting student, UB Paleoclimate group

Latitudinal gradients in Holocene precipitation seasonality and humidity in Arctic Norway

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Undergraduate researchers



Kayla Hollister
Senior, Geology

Water isotopes of streams, precipitation, and groundwater in Western New York


Holocene summer precipitation isotopes in Disko Bugt, western Greenland



Owen Ogiony
Senior, Geology

Water isotopes and water residence time of ponds and lakes in Western New York



Maya Prabhakar
Sophomore, Geology

Leaf wax abundances and plant community changes on southern Greenland during the past 600,000 years






Sandrine Duboscq
BS, Geology, May 2018

Holocene temperature and precipitation
history of Svalbard

pursuing MS at North Carolina State University






Nathan Marshall
BS, Geology & Chemistry, May 2018
(pictured here on a semester abroad in New Zealand, hiking near Aoraki!)

Ocean phytoplankton and environmental changes during
the Late Ordovician mass extinction event

pursuing PhD at University of California Riverside