Dinosaur at Klein Welka (South of Berlin), Germany

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GLY 103: Exploring the Solar System I -Intro to Geology


The class gives an overview on the main geological concepts, from the evolution  of the Solar System to plate tectonics, mountain building, volcanism, weathering  & erosion, impacts, the atmosphere, the concept of time in Geology, interpreting  minerals and rocks, sediment and rock formation, and geological facies interpretation. The course emphasizes the interaction of geological processes on the surface and in the interior of planet Earth and its comparison with geological processes in the Solar System.

The class requires a one-day fieldtrip covering the Buffalo - Niagara Falls Region geology.

The lab emphasizes major geological processes, such as river development, impact cratering, rock formation as well as providing skills to identify minerals and rocks and understand their geological occurrence and interpretation.

The GLY 103/104 sequence fulfills the university’s general education natural science requirement.

Main Topics:

Earth in the Solar System
Minerals & Rocks
Volcanism and Magmatic rocks
Weathering & Erosion
Sedimentary Environments
The Geological Time Scale
Structure and Deformation
Earth’s Interior
Plate Tectonics
Aquifers and the Hydrologic Cycle
Glaciers and Glaciation
Earth’s Atmosphere
The Human Impact


The Niagara Gorge, showing the Silurian Lockport Dolomite on top of the cliff in the Whirlpool Region. View towards the Canadian side.

GLY 103 Field Trip