Dinosaur at Klein Welka (South of Berlin), Germany

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GLY 104: Exploring the Solar System II -Earth History


The class gives an overview on the geological history of Earth, exploring the dimension of time, tracing the evolution and diversification of life, interpreting the geological history by tracing and interpreting geological and biological events. The course focuses on the geological events and developments that especially shaped western New York and the North American continent in general.

The lab emphasizes major geological concepts like the understanding of Time, relative and absolute dating methods, fossil reconstruction and interpretation, extraterrestrial mapping methods. It is assembled to support the understanding of geological concepts and application of geological research methods.
The GLY 103/104 sequence fulfills the university’s general education natural science requirement.

Main Topics:

Evolution of the Solar System
The Evolution of the Atmosphere
Early Life
The Cambrian Explosion
The Dance of the Continents – Plate Tectonics through Time
Vertebrate Life on Land
Plant Evolution
Evolution & Darwin
The Time of the Dinosaurs
Flight and the Evolution of Birds
Mammals and other warm-blooded animals
Primates and Human Evolution


Scientific reconstruction of Mesozoic Plants.