Dinosaur at Klein Welka (South of Berlin), Germany

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UGC 303: Macroworld -Great Discoveries in Science


“UGC 303 focuses upon selected great discoveries of science, presenting a particular body of scientific facts and concepts and connecting them with the process of science, related history and philosophy, and their interdependence of science and technology. The courses emphasize the central ideas, that set the framework for a discipline and its great discoveries.” – UB Course description.

UGC 303 Macroworld – Dinosaur and Impacts concentrates on main geological and paleontological concepts and tries to convey the understanding of the topics of Geoscience research as applied the Natural Sciences. A combination of paleontological, biological, ecological and geological concepts are needed to interpret the record provided by the rocks and fossils on the surface of our planet and may ultimately help to understand the evolution of other planetary bodies in the Solar System and beyond.

Main Topics:

Earth’s place in the Solar System
Impacts and the Evolution of Life
Time in Geological Sciences
The Evolution of the Earth’s Atmosphere
The Concept of Plate Tectonics
Volcanism and Earthquakes
Biogeography and the distribution of organisms
Understanding Fossils and the Fossil Record
The Time of the Dinosaurs
Flight and the Evolution of Birds
Mammals and other warm-blooded animals
Primates and Human Evolution
Human interference on planet Earth


Volcanoes (Mt. Fuji, Japan), Dinosaurs and impacts (Meteor Crater, Arizona) are among the main issues discussed in this course.