Dinosaur at Klein Welka (South of Berlin), Germany

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GLY 216: Soft Rock II -Paleontology and Stratigraphy


The class examines the character of the fossil record, its role in understanding the process of evolution. It provides an overview on main concepts and working methods in paleontology, introducing important fossil groups for interpretations of age, environment and evolution. The course introduces stratigraphic concepts for geological interpretation of sedimentary basins and tectonically complex regions.

The lab emphasizes the major fossil groups, their identification and use in geological interpretations. Understanding  the importance of fossils, their reconstruction and interpretation in a geological context is an important part of the labs. Stratigraphic concepts from simple biostratigraphy to sequence stratigraphy are introduced. The lab includes introduction to basic presentation skill, both orally and in printed form.

Main Topics:

Fossils and Evolution
Taxonomic concepts
Environmental interpretations using fossils
Trace fossils
Introduction to important fossil groups for biostratigraphy
Litho- and biostratigraphy
Sequence stratigraphy
Graphic correlation
Interpretation of maps


Measuring Devonian carbonates in the LeRoy Quarry: Fieldtrip 2003.


GLY 216 Field Trip